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New Session / Close Session

Open a new Session by clicking „New Session“. At the top centre the session ID is displayed. By using this ID the presentation can be viewed on any device. To do so open the browser of your choice (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and got to Enter the session ID and click „Start“.
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The presentation is displayed in the browser immediately. You can also view the presentation under"Your session ID" (e.g.:
At the end of a presentation, the session can be closed by clicking “Close Session”. At the latest, a session is closed automatically when a new one is started.


Use the section „Images“ to present pictures from your albums. For changing to the next picture just swipe your phone’s screen or use the arrows at the bottom.
Show or hide the stopwatch by clicking the watch symbol. Additionally the following features are provided:

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There are two ways to add and save a presentation in BeamAir:

Under „Presentation“ you can find all your saved PDF presentations. By clicking on a presentation it can be started. If you press longer, a popup will allow you to rename the presentation, to start it or to delete it.
For changing to the next slide just swipe your phone’s screen or use the arrows at the bottom.
Show or hide the stopwatch by clicking the watch symbol. Additionally the following features are provided: Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


PDFs that are saved in the Dropbox can also be presented using BeamAir. To do so click on the menu item “Dropbox” and choose a file, which can be


Scheduled Session

Sometimes it can be convenient, to prepare presentations so that, when the time has come, one only has to hit start. Therefore it is possible to create a scheduled session which can be seen as a booked BeamAir session. Presentations and telephone conferences can be assigned in advance and even viewers can be invited beforehand.

To create a new scheduled session, choose the plus at the right top under “Scheduled Session”. Enter all the information about your session and, if you want to, already choose a presentation and a telephone conference number. As already mentioned, viewers can also be invited when creating a session. Just enter their e-mail addresses and they will automatically get an invitation.

By clicking on the respective list item, a scheduled sessions can be edited or deleted.
In the detail view of a scheduled session you can find the start button at the right top. Click it to start your scheduled session.
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Within „Settings“ you have the following options:

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Draw live on a presentation

To point out something important it can come in handy to be able to draw live on a presentation. To do so click on the pen symbol at the bottom. Now you can start drawing.
Choose the color palette symbol to change color and stroke width.
You can change back your drawing step by step using the arrow or delete your whole painting by clicking the X symbol.
Choose „Done“ at the left top to change to the normal presentation view. You can either save or discard your drawing.
At the right top there is a symbol to share and save your current view - the page with your drawing. For example you can send it as e-mail, share it on Facebook or save it to your device.
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Take a picture

You can take pictures during a presentation by clicking on the camera symbol at the bottom. If you choose “use picture” the picture will be presented right away.
Note: For presenting the picture that was just taken the source will always switch to „Images“.

Telephone conference

A telephone conference can be added by clicking on the telephone symbol. You can either use the default Number and a randomly generated code, or select your own code under settings. By using this number and code all participants will automatically be connected with the conference. Note: If you choose your own code make sure not to use to easy digit combinations, like “1111” or “1234”, to avoid overlaps.

If you created a telephone conference, a popup in your viewer’s browser will tell them your number. They can either just call it or click “Join Conference” and choose a program to do so.
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Legal not: You and your telephone conference participant only pay the charge for an international access able dial-in number in Lichtenstein. You use BeamAir at your own risk. The software producer of this app cannot be hold accountable for any damage or costs arising through the usage of the app or through a malfunction of the conference service.

Share a presentation

In every presentation you can find a symbol at the right top to share your presentation. A window will pop up and you can decide if you want to share your session ID via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook to invite viewers.
Note: If you are in the painting view, not the session ID but your current page / image will be shared.